Tuesday, January 12, 2010


just changing accounts.  This one is old and would need too much revamping.  Just making a new one is much easier.  New one is here: http://toodeeart.blogspot.com/2010/01/first-post.html
and I will have to keep up with this one not only for myself and my art but also for a class in school, the teacher has required it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Piano Man

Sing us a song, you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright

Tuesday morning my grandfather passed away. He was a brilliant pianist and a brilliant mind. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

He'd been struggling for the past year with dwindling health and Tuesday morning his living will was put into action. I'll never forget all the lectures on life I got from this man and for as much as I resented it at the time, they were life lessons I'll never forget and there isn't anything I wouldn't give to be lectured one last time.

If I get back to normal anytime soon, expect some art in his memory.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Many things are a-happen'en people.

First off, got the RA job.  I really didn't except that.  I didn't get the job initially when I applied for it and I had forget to put in the sheet of paper to put me on the waiting list for it (should one of the RA's quit mid-quarter).  Well, apparently I made a good enough impression that even without turning in the wait-list paper, I STILL got called to get the job.  And now I have it.  I'll have a room to myself in the main building.  A paying job,  I'M SO FREAKIN EXCITED.

Did another marker demo for the layout classes.  I have the same teacher this quarter (for Art for Reproduction) that I had my first quarter (for Layout) and she wanted to know if I could do the demo again.  So I did, and apparently it really helped the class I did it for (so says the teacher).

Also, had Typography class and had to make business cards for myself.  So I did.  and here is the final one that I chose and printed up.

I made the little logo myself which if you can't tell, is an L and an M (my initials). But it's made to look like a paintbrush painting an M.
I like it.
I got an A I think.
I SHOULD get an A.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Just got 'em removed today. That was fun. Here's how the day went.

~Woke up with Jeni, got up and left her house around 9. She was my person to drive me all over the place since if I had the surgery I'd be all woozy.
~Got to the place around 9:29. Did some paperwork, informed people who wanted to know that I was in the office, waiting my turn.
~Waited until around 10:15 when they took my in a did a panoramic x-ray of my mouth.
~Saw Dr. Mcnamara. Funny old guy. Said a family of cambodians was going to move into my cavity that was in my top left wisdom tooth (the reason I was there in the first place was to at least get that one removed.)
~Found out 2 things. One, my bottom molars were growing in horizontally and pushing my teeth out of alignment. Two, my TMJ isn't actually TMJ. It had a fancy name that basically mean "live with it, it can't be fixed." Rather than the left side of my jaw having a ball and socket, it has a socket and spike. It's wierd, but basically means the surgery to fix TMJ (shaving down the ball of the joint) is impossible, since shaving down would be making it smaller.
~Call mom who tells nurse to just take them all out to stop any future hassle from them.
~Go into finance and pay for it.
~Taken away into surgery, give Jeni phone to keep in contact with Mami, Daddy and Joe.
~given an IV. first thing he puts in is supossed to make everything fuzzy. Well, without my glasses everything is fuzzy anyway so that didn't make a difference. Second thing he puts in is gonna make the room spin. Spin? IT WAS DANCING.
~Wake up because one of the nurses said teenage mutant ninja turtles. It wasn't a hallucination, I was wearing my TMNT shirt, so she must have been commenting on it.
~Go to a small room where a video plays to tell me what to do. Didn't pay attention to it. Jeni tried to quiz me on it right afterwards and I remembered to not have anything hot, no soda and to relax all day.
~Leave....somehow managed to get into the car.
~Relax at Jeni's all day, randomly passing out in half hour intervals.
~Leave for moms, drive home. Write Blog.

I'm spitting up blood like Ozzy Ozbourne with a freakin bat head in his mouth. Also swallowing it which apparently will give me nausea. Nothing yet but it's only 12 hours after the surgery. I know I'll be fine. Right now Ibuprofen is my best friend. Soon, Hydrocodone will replace Mr. Profen.

Also, here's some art. Remember how I said my school makes you take color application before fundamentals of painting, but you have to paint in color application? Wierd, I know. But here is the first painting I did in that class. This one is the best of them all honestly. My art kinda went downhill from there. Greyscale I can do. Working with color's is what threw me off.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Vacation

3 weeks of break before summer session starts in school. Man, I think that's weird. It's cause the school runs in quarters rather than semesters. Oh well, hopefully I'll find a job during the break. My schedule for next quarter has classes only on Tuesday and Wednesday, which means I have a very flexible schedule for any job I apply to.

Other than no job and worried about final grades, I'm good. Get to do laundry for free at a friends house now, so no more creepy laundromat and using 3-5 bucks to get my laundry done. That 3-5 bucks is 2 weeks worth of ramen money. I'm staying in the dorms for the summer, but I plan on going to Orlando for at least a week to see everyone again. That also means a stop in Melbourne for all you people out there! :)

Hope all is well over there. Eventually I'll upload art and stuff here...eventually.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cement cutter

You know what's NOT fabulous?

Wake up to a cement cutter doing it's job RIGHT outside your window.

You know what's worse?

Not being notified by housing that renovations are starting on your side of the dorms today.

So yeah, that was my LOVELY wake up call this morning...granted it was 10 am, but I was still asleep so...so there. Anyway, life's been good lately. Bogged down with school work, trying to save as much money as possible, when I get it. Putting in the application for RA today, excited and hoping I get the job. No one else I go to is hiring, so it looks like this might be my only shot. If not, I might just have to go back to the bowling alley, if they will take me back that is.

Color application class is starting to piss me off, if only for the fact that we have to paint portraits, without being taught how. Yes, she taught us how to mix our paints and get tints, tones and shades (we are only allowed to actually use Red Blue Yellow Black and White paint, we get all our colors from mixing those) but now I just finished 2 portraits and I haven't the slightest CLUE what I was doing the whole time. I was just slapping paint on the board and hoping it came out decent.

Computer science...AHHHHHH computer science. Passed my word test (who didn't see that coming eh?) And still learning Excel right now, then we have a powerpoint class. Thank god I won't be here for that cause *trumpets sounding* I'll be in New York seeing WICKED! *dances around* So excited for that! Practically counting down the days.

I still love my mythology class and I still like my concept development class, of which I'm starting my homework for after this post. Probably working on it all day, taking a break for lunch and to drop off my application.

Anyway! That's it, nothing new here just working on school and finding a job. Love you all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yeah, Yeah, I know this is way over due, and it's not due to lazyness as the title might make you think so. This post has been a work in progress sitting on my desktop for a while now. School and finding a job and new friends have been taking over my life.

Anyway, school...YAY SCHOOL OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I love school. I love my classes. I don't care that I have to be up at 7:30 for my Topics for Comp. class. It's basically Greek Mythology all over again (which I took a class in back in Valencia Comm College). Well, how about we start off with a list, yes?

Color Application: 1-5 pm on Wednesdays.

Basic color theory stuff like that. Using a color wheel for different combinations of paints, how to mix paints for certain hue's and tints, etc.

Computer Science: 6-10 Wednesdays

Though this may change as I might have to take the MAC version of this class because I'm an illustration student. Currently I'm enrolled in the PC version of this class, with that said. I'M GOING TO DIE IN THIS CLASS. I'm serious. I want to test out of this class. "This is the start button. This gives you your main menu. This is Microsoft word. If you hit the letter A, an A will appear on the screen."


that being said, I'm surprised how many people in my class don't know how to use these things. We are gonna be taught Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I already know Word and PowerPoint (I know more about them than what she plans on teaching us in class.) Excel, I know the basics of making a spreadsheet which is also apparently all she is gong to teach us in it (so says the class syllabus). BUT, even though I know everything, It will be an easy A. I just have to take the tests. Though testing out of it seems like a good idea to me. I'll have to look into that more later(the school is closed for easter weekend).

Topics for Composition: 9-12 Thursdays

Okay, this class is in the same room as my Sociology class, so it already had good vibes when i walked in. Then the teacher walked in. Little short indian woman named Mrs. Choksi. What is it with this room having awesome classes taught by short immigrated women? First Sociology with Ruedger (Came from Germany) and now Mrs. Choksi! Not to mention this isn't a normal English class. Rather than just writing and writing and writing like the other topics for comp classes do, we will be studying Greek mythology (which if you know me, you know I LOVE ancient civilizations, Greek and Egyptian being my favorites) and writing about our favorite myth (YAY Persephone and Hades!). So we will be studying the human emotion through the myths, writing about the myths, talking about the myths, see where I'm going now? MYTHBUSTERS TIME. Only not really. I wish it were.

Concept Development: 1-5 Thursdays

Haha, this class makes me laugh.
First day of class
"You all will be drawing everyday for my class."

Pfft, i do that everyday! We have to have a small object with us and do a drawing of it everyday, different angles, asking "what if..." and drawing that (Ex: What if it were burnt? What if it were made of water? What if it were president? Just think of silly things) I think I will be using the little wolverine bobble head PJ gave me for my birthday a while back. It's simple in shapes and colors and easy to draw and distort. Again, an easy A class.

Other than that, FRIENDS.

I didn't think there were other loud, obnoxious, cursing-like-a-sailor internet junkies out there. Apparently they all go to THIS SCHOOL. They are awesome, simply no words. There are few people I have clicked with right away in orlando, the people who I felt like I had known them my whole life after five minutes. Jeni and Joe being the only people from orlando I can think of who fit that bill. Here, there's Randy, Sarina, Ray, Jorge (pronounced Georgie), The Beetle, Lily, Amanda, Lisa and Leah. I could go on. These people, while not all close friends (not yet at least) I was joking around with within 10 minutes of knowing them, being myself and not being given weird looks for it. That is an amazing feeling, to just click with someone, instantly. I've never had it happen on such a large scale before. Again, very cool. I'm also part of the Anime club (who didn't see THAT coming?) and the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance). Lots of fun school stuff to do with those clubs. I want to be an RA. SO BAD. 300+ every two weeks (more than what I was making at the bowling alley), no rent (free dorms), fun activities (get to plan them, I love doing that) among other things. It seems fun and hey, it's a job!

Speaking of which, NO ONE is hiring down here! I've been job hunting online, canvassing to different stores, no one. I'm so tempted to just go back to the bowling alley because IT'S A JOB. I need income like nobody's business. I know I'll find one, I just hate this helpless feeling.

Anyway, all in all, I love school, love my friends, need a job and miss all my Orlando/Melbourne people. I'll be back up your guys way eventually. Love you all! ^^